GoPro HERO10 Black 5.3K video and 23MP photos GP2 Processor Hypersmooth 4.0



New GP2 processor


5.3K60 + 4K120 resolution


HyperSmooth 4.0 stabilization


Waterproof (33 ft)


Cloud connected


Better low-light capabilities


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Product Description

New Generation Of Action Camera

Hero10 Black

Everything is faster, smoother, easier.

4K video at 120FPS 5.3K video at 60 FPS.

91% more resolution than 4K.

Hypersmooth 4.0 Impossibly smooth video stabilization.

Auto upload your footage to the cloud.

“QUIK”APP —— Access with ease. Edit with ease. Share with ease.

Pull 19.6MP stills from video.Or snap 23MP photos.

Shoot rough. Shoot soaked.

Waterproof 33ft(10m) Max lens Mod Compatible.

With max superview, and 360°Horizon lock.

Hero10 Black Includes: Camera, Rechargeable Battery, USB-C Cable, Mounting Buckle, Curved Adhesive Mount, Thumb Screw, Camera Case.

Hero10-Official Bundle includes: Hero10 Black, Magnetic Swivel Clip, Spare Battery, Floating Hand Grip,  128GB SD Card, Camera Case.

Hero10-Basic Bundle includes: Hero 10 Black, Dual Battery charger + battery, 128GB SD Card.

*1-year Local Warranty in Malaysia.*