PANASONIC 52M²​​​​​​​ Air Purifier F-PXU70AWM | Super Nano-Technology Deodorizing Filter


  • Applicable area: 52m² (566ft²)
  • nanoe™ X
  • HEPA composite filter
  • super nano-technology deodorizing filter
  • Sensors: PM2.5 / Odor sensor
  • De-formaldehyde function


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Product Description

PANASONIC 52M² Air Purifier F-PXU70AWM | Super Nano-Technology Deodorizing Filter

nanoe™ X Air Purifier with De-Formaldehyde

Able to cover a floor area of 52m², this model offers powerful cleaning for even spacious living rooms. Equipped with nanoe™ X and De-Formaldehyde. Panasonic’s advanced air purification technology provides a clean and healthy living environment.


  • Applicable Area: 52m² (566ft²)
  • nanoe™X Technology: Yes
  • HEPA Composite Filter: Yes
  • Super Nano technology Deodorizing Filter: Yes
  • De-Formaldehyde Function: Yes
  • PM2.5 / Odor Sensor: Yes
  • Brightness Sensor: Yes
  • Child Lock: Yes
  • Dimension (H x W x D): 560mm x 362mm x 280mm
  • Weight: 8KG


  • LCD Indication Panel
  • PM2.5 Concentration Digital Indicator
  • Odor Level Indicator
  • Filter Replacement Indicator